Helloooo World!

May 23, 2017


Greetings and salutations from Caviar & Cornbread — my brand spankin’ new blog about living simply, eating well and cultivating my small town dream!

My name is Sara, it’s nice to meet ya!


Unless you are a culinary legend like Marco Pierre White or James Beard (google them - they’re amazing), you probably follow recipes.


Behind any signature dish is a delicately crafted recipe. Life is like a recipe…Some ingredients are locally sourced while others are exotic; some are rooted in tradition while others are revealed purely by accident. 


The recipe of life changes as months and years pass, but when artfully blended, life’s ingredients create a living pièce de résistance. Each recipe is all its’ own; each ingredient discovered with love, tears, laughter, mistakes, wisdom and patience.…this delicate path leads to extraordinary things. All you have to do is follow your recipe! 


I’m passionately in love with cooking and creating! It may be art on canvas

or the plate, but I sincerely love creating. Passion and creativity are my secret ingredients! Tons of hard work and tenacity have brought me here...creating Olde Homestead Company, crafting handmade artisan food, and owning The Pan Handle. This recipe is my dream come true! I’m thrilled to begin my blogging adventure with you and share pieces of my life along the way! 


So, what’s your secret ingredient? 


- Sara 




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Meet Sara In Granbury, Texas At 

The Pan Handle - A Gourmet Gadget & Tool Shop On The Historic Granbury Square!