Franmara® Duo-Lever Corkscrew with Red Enamel Handle

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This two-step, gorgeous Duo-Lever corkscrew with a red enamel handle is perfect for any bottle, any time. The smooth metal handle gives it a solid feel in your hand while ensuring a safe, stable grip. A built-in stainless steel serrated blade knife effortlessly cuts through foil, while a non-stick open spiral worm is designed to cut into the cork for rapid opening of your favorite wines. This corkscrew's boot lever opens bottles with ease as the two-step process allows for maximum control.

For even more versatility, a built-in bottle cap opener makes it the only piece you will need! A good corkscrew is vital when wine bottles are being opened, helping you make the process effortless in every way.
To use, start by cutting the foil under the lip of the bottle using the retractable serrated knife. Remove the foil and retract the knife. Then insert the worm into the cork and turn to secure the corkscrew. Place the first, smaller boot lever notch on the lip of the bottle, hold it in place, and lever the handle to pull the cork about halfway out of the bottle. Move the second boot lever notch to the lip of the bottle and pull the cork the rest of the way out.

Overall Dimensions: 4 3/4"
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