Fox Run® 10" Stainless Steel Flat Roux Whip / Whisk

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Create gravies, roux, and sauces with this 10" stainless steel flat roux whisk! It is designed to work better than balloon whisks when you are cooking in a shallow pan and reaches the optimal angle when mixing. The lower the handle can be to the pan, the flatter the whisk will lay and the more surface area it will cover for fast and efficient mixing. This is especially important when thickening a sauce, roux, or gravy!

This whisk is made of durable stainless steel for long-lasting use and is a versatile option for many different uses. Not only can this whisk be used to combine liquid ingredients, it can also be used to remove poached eggs from water or to lift fish from liquid!
Overall Dimensions:
Length: 10"
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