Dreamfarm® Mini Green Chopula™

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The Dreamfarm Mini Chopula ensures that all your cake goodness from the corners of your baking pans never get left out. A flexible cookie turner with an angled handle and multicurved head, this handy utensil reaches into tough-to-reach corners to lift food out of any pan or tray. It also lifts all other food items, from eggs to fish and cookies. Boasting a heat resistant nylon head, the Chopula is suitable for use on any surface including non-stick cookware. It is designed to sit off the bench to keep your worktop clean, while this bright green variety will surely refresh your range of kitchenware and bring new life.

Chopula's multi-curved head design allows you to scrape every corner of any pan, without scratching non-stick cookware.
Keeps counter tops clean and food hygienic thanks to the clever bend in Chopula's handle which holds the head up and off your bench.

Chopula's unique head shape also lets you chop and slice food in a hot pan while keeping your hand up and away from the heat.

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