BBQ-Aid® Jalapeño Grill Rack with Handles

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BBQ-Aid Jalapeno Grill Rack with Handles Is Made With Heavy Duty, Dishwasher Safe, Stainless Steel..Experience Jam-Packed Jalapeno Flavor! This piece functions as a Jalapeno Grill Rack, Skewer Rack, All-Purpose Grill Rack, and more.

Wait until you get your hands on your new, beautiful, full stainless steel BBQ-AID Jalapeno Grill Rack. Jalapeños like you’ve never experienced before. Take your pepper grilling game to the next level with the BBQ-AID Jalapeño Grill Rack. Convenient handles to manage cooking easily, dishwasher safe and comfortably hold up to 36 extra-large peppers, primed and ready to be packed with your favorite fillings. Your grill is incomplete without the Jalapeno Grill Rack by BBQ-AID!
Our design delivers high performance for your BBQ: 36 hole capacity, quality stainless steel, ergonomic handles, perfect spacing, and sleek design. Oversize 9" x 9" body design and includes holes measuring 1 and 1/8". Designed for a serious BBQ connoisseur. The ultimate gift idea for any griller or cook, enabling them to cook perfect peppers, eggs, chicken drums, legs, and wings. Their imagination is the only limit.
Easy cleanup and dishwasher safe design. Plus our modular design makes it incredibly easy to store this Jalapeno Grill Rack!
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