16" Silicone Tip Locking Tongs

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These 16" locking tong combines the convenience of heat-resistant silicone tips with the durability and longevity of strong, heavyweight .8 mm stainless steel. The molded silicone tips won't trap food particles and won't damage non-stick cookware. Each tong is heat resistant up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, making it perfect for use in grilling, baking, and holding hot food. Made for high-heat applications, utility tongs can be used in both the front and back of the house for anything from grabbing vegetables from the buffet or flipping meat on the grill. Scalloped-edged ends make it easy to move, rotate, and turn your food while cooking or serving. When you are finished using them, simply pull the locking tab for space-saving convenience. With a pull of the convenient locking ring, you can keep the tong closed after use and make it more compact for storage. This 16" silicone tip locking utility tong is a versatile kitchen essential. Overall Dimensions: Length: 16"
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