12" Stainless Steel Twisted Bar Spoon

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Streamline your cocktail making with this 12" stainless steel twisted bar spoon. The innovative design is ideal for mixing and stirring a variety of specialty cocktails such as martinis, margaritas, long island iced teas, whiskey sours, and screwdrivers. Best of all, the long handle makes it great for use with tall glasses and prevents your hands from touching cocktails or the contents of garnish jars.

This bar spoon is made of durable stainless steel so that it's able to stand up to daily use in your bar. It features a polished, twisted handle that's not only an aesthetically pleasing addition to any bar, but adds to the spoon's durability and provides a comfortable grip for the user. Plus, this utensil's uniquely portable design makes it a must-have addition for anything from restaurants and bars to catered events and buffets! Offering a flawless combination of style and function this bar spoon is sure to become a favorite tool for any bartender.

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 12"
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