12" Stainless Steel Flat Skewer Set

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Upgrade your kitchen's arsenal of meat prep tools with this 12" stainless steel flat skewer set. This sturdy skewer has a flat design that keeps food from rotating once it is pierced and slid onto the shaft. That way you don't have to fidget with food to get it to lay the desired way, you can simply slide it on and then start cooking. The flat shape also ensures that you can easily rotate food on the skewer while keeping it securely positioned the whole time, which allows your food to cook more evenly than round-shaped skewer alternatives.

Ideal for catered BBQ, Mediterranean, and Mexican-style recipes, this skewer set helps you achieve perfect and consistent results when cooking your food. Plus, the durable stainless steel construction outperforms wooden ones when it comes to reliability, uniformity, and convenience. With this skewer, there's no need to worry about it catching fire or soaking the skewer beforehand. Simply pile on your fresh, crisp vegetables and savory meats to create the perfect kabob your patrons will love.
Set includes twelve (12) stainless steel flat skewers.
Overall Dimensions:
Length: 12"
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