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Meet Sara

No matter your origins, food is genuinely a universal language of love. We feed the people we love with meals prepared by hand to offer a glimpse into our hearts. Cooking has always been a great love in my life, perhaps

the greatest. Owning a kitchen store in my Texas hometown is a dream come true. As a child, I would come into

The Pan Handle with my Mother (the best cook I know) and gaze in awe at all of the fancy cookware and gourmet tools, dreaming of creating dishes from foreign places with fresh, exotic flavors.


My culinary inspiration began many years ago as a little girl in this very shop, and continues today as I explore and create my own food. After years of soaking up a bit of wisdom from the cooks in my life, I took a great leap 

of faith to cultivate my gourmet food brand. Olde Homestead Company™ was borne from a deep love of

all things gourmet, and continues to flourish thanks to the support and love of so many.

Whether constructing a complex dish or crafting a sublime meal from the simplest ingredients, food can be

 a playground of imagination and beauty. Cook with a little whimsy and adventure. Find pleasure in making

classic food, but step out of the box and find new food to excite your taste buds. Most importantly,

make happy food memories and remember love is the secret ingredient! 


~ Sara

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